To End

Photo by Lee Cartledge on Unsplash

You told me that you liked me
And you’d always be around
You said we’d be together
You’d never let me down

Then one day, when she walked in
You said you were just friends
You told me not to worry
We’d be forever ’til the end

You told me that you loved me
And told me that you cared
You said that nothing mattered
As long as I was there

That same night, you said to me
You were going home to bed
The next day, I came to know
You were out with her instead

You told me…

Poetry Sunday

Photo by Alexey Shikov on Unsplash

I let The Miseducation
Lay on my blanket
But when I opened it up
It was a blank disc

Funny when you think
You’ve got everything planned
The design is all askew
And that’s just not it

Wishes wasted on
Shiny personalities
Like pennies at the
Bottom of a pool

One false move and
The bottom falls out
You never know
Exactly what to do

Try and sleep it off
But it’s seriously no use
See the water’s blind reflection
As the sun hits it’s high noon

Static on the radio
Calms my tired nerves
Like running water
Smooths the sharpest stones…


Image via Sonya LaTorre

Paint drips roll down my arm
I make art when I’m alone
Sing atop my lungs
Avoiding my telephone

Looking at our photo
The only one we ever took
What were we thinking
We were definitely a little drunk

Rays of pink outline the green
Of your jacket, style of army
As if you just appeared
With the scent of moonlit pine trees

Best night of the summer
Though it was only May
House party with all our people
Uptown in Albany

The mix was old and new
Both of music and of friends
The loudest sounds of laughter
Through the thickest clouds…

John & Jenna

Photograph via Emily Mariani

What lesson can we learn from them?
From Jenna and from John
Be careful who you’re talking to?
Be aware of what goes on?

It doesn’t mean don’t go to parties
Or drink a Jack with Coke
Or talk to strangers when outside
To sneak a little smoke

To blow off steam is needed!
When the days are long and rough
Or when the day’s amazing
Find a cutie and hook up!

Try not to go downtown alone
Yes, I know we’re all adults
But have a back up plan in place
Let someone know what’s up

Am I preaching…

Poetry Sunday

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The air smells crisp and sweet
Like distant memories
It reminds me of times
That I don’t want to remember

Times when things were hopeful
And happy, full of promise
Everything came crashing down
And makes it hard to reminisce

Times when I would wait for you
And hope that you weren’t speeding
But wanted you there faster
So my heart could stop its needing

The time when we drove up the coast
Just to see the water
And fell into each other's arms
The trees became our shelter

Reminds me of the way you kiss
And hold me when the…

Lindsay CG

Sweater weather is better weather. Gin is preferred. Plaid is everything. • Poet & Lyricist

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